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Diliana holding up two custom-dyed blond Factory pieces. Both pieces will be cut, dyed and fitted to a client looking as naturally ... and in many cases, better than their own natural hair.

Diliana says:

I came here from Bulgaria 9 years ago, working as a hair stylist in my own country for the previous 10 years. 19 years working under different industry conditions: My native Bulgaria where I had to be innovative and creative, to make due with what materials were available and then I came to New York where I had the opportunity to work under the great tutelege of the pyrotechnicians and wizards of the hair industry.

I trained as a hairstylist under the scrutiny of the legendary Vidal Sassoon. I had the opportunity to work under the most demanding, critical industry eyes, working on fashion shoots, tv shows...with Hollywood and Broadway stars both on the stage and off the screen where there could be no imperfection as my work was under the watchful eyes of the camera and the public..

I became a perfectionist in my quest to produce the most appealing, esthetic and artistic excellence, bringing my natural creativity and artistry to my work.

Working with Hair Systems was a natural extension of my training. To bring the artistry and creativity I achieved with real hair, as well as the naturalness, to hair systems. To help those who wanted to regain their confidence, their good looks, their success.

Every client is special to me. I am proud of the fact, I can work with close to nothing and create a look for a client where the years seem to peel away and they feel more youthful, a zest for life. I can help you achieve that look. So, what are you waiting for - Make your appointment now !

...or ... stick around this infomational website, as I reveal the insider tips, tricks and secrets of the trade that are kept undercover by the industry ..that will help you to achieve a look that will bolster confidence and success. in your relationsips, business and will put a smile across your face when you catch your reflection in the mirror, at a fraction of the investment that was only previously available to the very rich, wealthy, famous and successful.



  About Di Di

Di Di (Diliana Nikolova) developed her expertise and artistry in the hair replacement and design field,working at the one of the largest, most prestigious and innovative hair replacement companies.

.. . While working with and helping NYC celebrities, stage performers as well as corporate CEOs to achieve the look that gave them a new vibrancy, an excitement .. that was just the edge to propell them toward success Di Di, developed her own unique and innovative approach to hair design and hair systems.

Customers were very pleased with her 'naturalistic' looking designs.

Di Di desired to help others to achieve the confidence in her looks that formerly was too expensive for the typical breadwinner or newe performer and developed a unique pricing strategy, dealing directly with the hair replacement factories overseas, where clients could now look good who couldn't afford the thousands of dollars it cost to go to the high end studios.

Di Di Styles Hair Exclusively At the

Beauty Today Ltd
347 – 281 2652
122 West 20th Street – 1 RW
Conveniently located near every major subway
New York City

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It first starts with a fitting ...your head is measured and a very precise,plastic template is taken which is sent to the factory for your custom-designed hair piece.

You can also come in with your hair piece from the Hair Club programs and SEE HOW MUCH BETTER YOU CAN LOOK .. The stylist TRULY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE !

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347 – 281 2652