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What is hair replacement?

Attaching hair system on the head of a person, who had lost completely or partially his/hers hair , to restore person’s original looks

Changes peoples life- total improvement in their looks, gives confidence, better acceptance: in the society, at work place, personal life     

  What is involved?

Regular services- detachment, cleaning the system and scalp, attachment and style

How it’s done?

First is important to be ordered the right hair system for the person- this involves:

Making template (this is the head shape, copied with plastic), forming the order with the correct density (amount of hair), curl and color . All this is good to be done by a trained professional ( Didi) , to avoid mistakes, that lead to spending more money than necessary  and  delaying  the desired good results .

Next is the first cut of the system and hair together, and this is important to be done professionally for best results, because one of the first give-aways is the line that is formed around the system perimeter, if done by  nonprofessional.

The first cut involves – consultation about how the client sees him/her self with this hair , adjusting what is better for the looks and styling , teaching the client all the important info they need to know.

What next?

According to their own specifics and needs , the clients can  choose servicing times and attachment types that are suitable best for them.  I do all kind of different attachments  with glue and /or tape.  The main target is that the client feels secure and confident with his/hers new hair.  These attachments are so secure- no wind can blow the system away, people swim with it, shower , exercise  , do all the everyday activities without worrying  that someone might discover that this hair isn’t ,in fact, growing out of their scalp.

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